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Tues-Fri, by appointment
Sat-Sun, 12-5pm


67 West St Suite 214
Brooklyn NY 11222

67 West St Suite 214
Brooklyn NY 11222

Tues-Fri, by appointment
Sat-Sun, 12-5pm


We love prints and work hard to source unique lithographs and serigraphs. 

Want something framed? We offer affordable framing services that can be tailored to your piece.

Richard Carter Abstract Geometric Print


Piet Mondrian “Trafalgar Square” Museum Framed Print


Michael Knigin Take the Point 1979 Screenprint


Wayland Moore Marty Hogan Racquetball Championship 1978 Print


Akrithakis from Alexandre Iolas Gallery Print


Busacca Pick-Up Sticks Print


Manlio Bacosi 1979 Print


Harry Fonseca Coyote Puttin' On The Dog Print 1984


Jurgen Peters Editions Lahumiere Paris 1974


Tsukioka Settei Woman with a Puppet Print 1979


Ando Hiroshige Japanese Art Exhibition Print 1975 Tikotin Museum


Phil Griffin Level One Blue Neon Silkscreen


Audrey Grendahl Totem Poles I Screenprint


Moshe Rosenthalis 1992 A.R. Gallery


Spring Flowers by Howard Whims


Pablo Picasso Framed Print A Retrospective Exhibition MOMA 1980

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